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The Little Match Girl

The Little Match Girl is a strategy game made on Ludum Dare game jam in 48 hours. The player should choose between selling matches for money or burning them to warming up, waiting for the sunrise and next snowing night. It's an endless surviving game and your goal is to keep her alive!


  • Responsibility: Level Design, Art, UI/UX, Sound

  • Genre: Strategy

  • Platform: macOS, Windows 

  • Highlights: Hand drawing | Fairytale

  • Developing period: 48 hours

Design Detail


In a small town on the snowing Christmas Eve, the little match girl needs cost matches to keep warm, and at the same time, she needs to find a lighted house to sell the matches. Each house would ask for some matches and pay back a specific amount of money. When the night is over if the little match girl has enough money, she can buy more matches as refilling. When her life energy is back to 0. then game over.

Game Loop

Enlight a match to prevent health point back to 0.

Find a lighted house to sell the match.

Buy more matches when the day is coming.

格式工厂 屏幕录像20220311_231349 00_00_23-00_00_27 00_00_00-00_00_30.gif
格式工厂 屏幕录像20220311_231349 00_01_49-00_01_59 00_00_00-00_00_30.gif

Game Art

The game art is fully hand drawing. To match Hans Andersen's story I designed a thick dirty paper edge around the character to make it like a protagonist from a fairytale book. The architecture is also stocked with black edges to make the whole environment more like a 20th-century European comic book.

Game Interfaces:

1. Character

2. Ending without enough money

3. Ending with enough money

4. Game Over

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