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The Last Mission of Yuri

The Last Mission of Yuri is a game about exploring a strange, lonely journey of a Soviet astronaut. The player is blocking in a space station and tries to escape from it via listening to the radio and adjusting the gravity system. Through the experience, the player would step by step find out what happened to the protagonist and the reality behind this daydream.


  • Responsibility: Narrative Design, Tech Art, UI/UX, Sound

  • Genre: Puzzle, Walking Simulator

  • Platform: macOS, Windows 

  • Highlights: Gravity Puzzle|Brutalism|Space Race

  • Developing period: 3 months

Design Detail

Game Loop

Find the right radio channel to unlock the puzzle.

格式工厂 屏幕录像20220311_234818 00_00_47- 00_00_00-00_00_30.gif

Rotate the spaceship to open the exit door.

格式工厂 屏幕录像20220311_234818 00_01_13-00_01_19 00_00_00-00_00_30.gif

Expand the new area and unlock a new story dialogue.

格式工厂 屏幕录像20220311_234818 00_01_33-00_01_36 00_00_00-00_00_30.gif

Game Art

The 2D art design is inspired by Soviet space race posters and the old-style notebook around 70th. The maroon and lemonade colors were used very frequently in Soviet illustrations so those two colors are chosen as the main tune. These artworks also are a part of environment decoration and emergent narrative to emphasize the game theme.


The UI/UX is a flippable notebook with the functions: start, map guide, settings, and a playable in-game MP3. The player can turn pages by clicking on the corner of each page. The menu also contains emergent narrative elements such as the character's signature, dairies, and documents to emphasize that this is not only a game prop but also a part of the story.

Level1: The space capsule

Level1 is about escaping from the dark capsule. The player would wake up alone in a small room with only a radio and a manual book. They can control the three buttons on each wall side and rotate with the capsule until the two triangle signs combine. To create an atmosphere of loneliness and fear, I decide to choose navy as the main environment color, dark rose as the dangerous sign, and light emission green as the safe sign. The decoration posters on the wall also provide the hint that the player should know.

Level2: The hallway

Level2 is a lighted hallway. The player needs to find the right passcode by observing the letters or listening to the specific radio channel. After escaping from the space ship the player would arrive at a long outer space hallway. The main colors are white and light green to create a calm and safer atmosphere compared with level1. The design was inspired by the movie: 2001 A Space Odyssey.

Level3: The black hole

Level3 is a transition level that connects the realistic spaceship and the surrealist brutalist building. The idea was inspired by the movie Interstellar. I built a scene that combines both black whole and neutral cranial nerves to indicate that the whole game story actually happens in the protagonist's mind.