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Midnight Odyssey

Midnight Odyssey is a 2D platformer puzzle game about 2 abandoned toys escaping from the loft. The player needs to find the right path to let both of them move from left to right. One toy can only pass the light place while another one can pass the dark place. It's a game about helping and collaborate.  


  • Responsibility: Solo work

  • Genre: Platformer Puzzle

  • Platform: macOS, Windows 

  • Highlights: Hand drawing | Nouveau Art

  • Developing period: 3 Months

Design Detail

Level Design

There are two chapters and each presents a different mechanism and theme color. In Chapter 1 the levels are horizontal scrolling where one character on the top and another on the bottom. In Chapter 2 the characters should move down by swinging with the desk lamp switch. The two characters cannot meet each other but one's action would affect the available moving area of another character.

1. Flowchart

2. Chapter 1, Horizontal Scroll Roll

3. Chapter 2, Horizontal + Vertical

Gama Art

The game is strongly influenced by the 20th-century Nouveau Art design, especially the illustration of Alphonse Mucha. I designed a lot of sun and moon decorations and related flowers such as sunflowers and epiphany as metaphors for two characters. I chose purple as the main theme color to emphasize a tune of gothic and mystery, and ivory to neutralize the horror feeling. The game art is also influenced by Hollow Knight, Gorogoa, and Rusty Lake.

1. Start Interface

3. Pause Menu

3. Chapter Selecting

4. Setting Option 

Character Design

The two characters are exactly the symmetry of each other, white vs black, female vs male, and tall vs short. At the early stage, the figure of the shepherdess is younger than the little prince. But later on, I decide to make her the one who looks more mature. The shepherdess's design is slim and tall, with the haircut of Princess Leia to show a temperament of intellectual. The little prince is more round and small with a big hat to show a personality of naughty but cut.

1. The shepherdess design draft

2. The little prince design draft

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