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Limited Impression About Rebecca

Limited Impression About Rebecca is a detective game about finding your subjective "truth." You are a detective writer who investigated a campus murder case 2 years ago. You cannot get any direct evidence, but from everyone's gossip and rumor, you will make assumptions and decide who is the real murderer based on your own belief.


  • Responsibility: Narrative Design, Level Design, Programming, UI/UX

  • Genre: Detective Visual Novel

  • Platform:  Windows 

  • Highlights: No True Ending|Campus Murder|Rashomon

  • Developing period: 8 months

Design Detail

Game Loop

Investigate suspicious items on campus.


Get a new clue and use it to unlock new conversation.

格式工厂 屏幕录像20220309_225305 00_04_43-00_04_52 00_00_00-00_00_30.gif

Unlock the new investigation map and more NPCs.

格式工厂 屏幕录像20220309_225305 00_07_49-00_08_01 00_00_00-00_00_30.gif

Game Mechanisms

There are 3 ways to investigate the case. You can 1. Detect items with the magnifying glass to find suspicious information. 2. Ask NPC a new question based on what you already knew.
3. Investigate the campus places.


To fit the protagonist's identity as a writer, I design the game UI as an investigation note. The game will start with reading a note, and you can see many emergent narrative elements in it. You can 1 Record the new clue under the related character. 2. Use the clue to unlock more information. 3. Write your own notes or impression about that character.

Direction Guide and Proportion

To create a 3D environment with 2D sprites, we decide to use different proportions when you are in various scenes. When you are outdoor, the character size is tiny, so you can see more architecture and know their distribution on campus. When you are indoors, the character is more significant so that you can notice environmental detail. When you pass a road sign, it will show the direction of buildings you cannot see in the camera. Any interactable items would turn into gold when you type the TAB key.

Time System

The quests in the game are connected by time. You can check whether the quest is finished or not by observing the time flow. Some quests can only be active when triggered at a specific time.

格式工厂 屏幕录像20220309_225305 00_02_34-00_02_36 00_00_00-00_00_30.gif

Character Relationship Chart

Character Relationship.jpg
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