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"Once upon a time, there was a lonely shepherdess toy who was abandoned in the dark dusty loft. She woke up and tried to escape from there. However, she did not know that at somewhere very close to her, there was another tiny toy who has the same trouble just like her..."

Midnight Odyssey is a 2D platformer puzzle game designed by Yangying Ren. The player needs to control the shepherdess and the little prince to escape from the house and make them recognize each other. This game is about loneliness and help. The shepherdess and the little prince never know the existence of each other and believe that they are the only ones in this world. However, it is impossible to finish this adventure if they don't depend on one another. 

About This Game

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Title: Midnight Odyssey

Genre: Puzzle, Platformer

Platform: macOS (Recommended), Windows

Suggest Resolution: Under 2048 x 1280

Developer: Yangying Ren


Direction: Yangying Ren

Art Design: Yangying Ren

Level Design: Yangying Ren

Programming: Yangying Ren

Animation:Yangying Ren

Special Thanks: Peng Huang

                            Xuan Qi

Explanation Video

The Shepherdess

She was just been moved to the loft with other old toys. Before that, she had been in a bookshelf for years. She always wondered that she was not the only one alive but unfortunately the only thing that she got is disappointing.  Maybe it is time to leave after been abandoned in the loft, this is what she would do. 

                                    The Little Prince

A whole white puppet filled with cotton and silk. Most of the time he was asleep but the arrival of the shepherdess awaked him. Unlike other toys the little prince himself is luminous and he can keep shiny in the darkness. He actually has no idea what is personality so he just followed the shepherdess instinctively like an innocent cute puppy.

Want to know more about the behind story? Download the Art and Making of Midnight Odyssey Now!


© 2019 by Yangying Ren. 

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