Midnight Odyssey

About This Game


Midnight Odyssey is a 2D platformer puzzle game designed by Yangying Ren. The player needs to control the shepherdess and the little prince to escape from the house and make them recognize each other. This game is about loneliness and help. The shepherdess and the little prince never know the existence of each other and believe that they are the only ones in this world. However, it is impossible to finish this adventure if they don't depend on one another. 


Title: Midnight Odyssey
Genre: Puzzle, Platformer
Platform: macOS (Recommended), Windows
Suggest Resolution: Under 2048 x 1280


Direction: Yangying Ren
Art Design: Yangying Ren
Level Design: Yangying Ren
Programming: Yangying Ren
Animation:Yangying Ren
Special Thanks: Peng Huang
                            Xuan Qi