"Player is enough of Pong. It is not because Pong is not good enough, they are just tired of it. Sooner or later, they start inventing their new game, a game belongs to themselves."

XXPATH is a walking simulator made for 2021 Global Gam Jam whose theme is Lost and Found. The game simulated a player who is not content with Pong and tries to create his own game. He first started with writing the plot, adding the script, and created fantasy stories, and step by step, he continued adding paintings, sounds, and animations in it. However, he chooses to delete them all and turns back to play Pong at the end.

About This Game



Genre: Walking Simulator

Platform: Windows, macOS

Developer: Yangying Ren,

                    Jumo Yang,


                    Steve Dong


Narrative Design: Yangying Ren

Level Design: RanH

Programming: Jumo Yang

Art Design: Steve Dong

© 2019 by Yangying Ren. 

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