The Last Mission of Yuri

About This Game


The Last Mission of Yuri is a walking simulator and a puzzle game about exploring a strange lonely journey of a Soviet astronaut. The player is blocking in a space station alone and needs to escape from it via collecting information, observing the environment, and find the right way to turn on the switch. Through the discovery, the player would step by step find out the truth about the protagonist and reveal the reality that hidden behind. 


Title: The Last Mission of Yuri
Genre: Puzzle, Walking Simulator
Platform: macOS, Windows (Recommend)
Suggest Resolution: 1920 x 1080


Producer: Yangying Ren
3D Art Design: Yuanfan Yang
2D Art Design: Yangying Ren

Level Design: Yuanfan Yang, Laura
Programming: Nate Liu
Tech Art: Yangying Ren

Animation:Yangying Ren
Advisor: Bennett Foddy