"Can I love a wolf? This is a question hidden in Fionna's heart for a long time. As a shepherdess, her best friend is a wolf that she saved in the forest after a blizzard. Human and beast, predator and  prey, here we start the story."


Dancing with the wolf is a visual novel about the adventure of a shepherdess and a wolf. It is adapted from one of my Devil May Cry fanfictions. In the game, the player will explore this fairy tale from the different character's perspectives and finally find out the truth behind the tragedy. The game is still underdeveloped and you can play the first chapter now on my page. The completed version may be released after Christmas 2020.

About This Game


Title: Dancing with the Wolf

Genre: Visual Novel

Platform: HTML WebGL

Suggest Resolution: 960 x 540

Developer: Yangying Ren


Direction: Yangying Ren

Art Design: Yangying Ren

Advisor: Bennett Foddy



A shepherdess living in the countryside of Ireland with her twin brother Conor. She is very rebellious and always with passion.  Not like other children in the village who are afraid of wild animals, it seems like she has a gift for communicating with animals. Maybe the only thing that bothers her is the complaining from Conor.



Fionna's older twin brother. He is the one who takes care of the whole family after the death of their parents. Always very nervous about Fionna's safety and of course always complaining to her late. But he will accept whatever Fionna wants if she insists. His dream is to become the greatest hunter in the village.


Lady Eva

The widow baroness who just lost her only child killed by a wolf in full moon night. She is always elegant and gentle, trying her best to help people. She is the mother of all the children in the village, and no matter what did you suffer, you can always get harmony and peace from her words.