"Welcome to Challenge Accepted! We are the biggest quiz competition around the world to find the hardcore player! If you can pass our challenge, you are confirmed as one of the best players ever!"

Challenge Accepted is a visual novel made for 47th Ludum Dare. It is a story about a quiz TV show whose aim is to select the hardcore player worldwide. Through playing, the quiz would be harder and harder and finally become unreasonable. And finally, the player cannot endure this game anymore. The game's aim is a dark sarcasm to the hardcore game that tortures the player again and again.

About This Game


Title: Challenge Accepted

Genre: Visual Novel

Platform: HTML WebGL

Suggest Resolution: 960 x 540

Developer: Yangying Ren


Direction: Yangying Ren

Art Design: Yangying Ren

© 2019 by Yangying Ren. 

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