"The last furniture van had left. The tenant, a young man with a crape band around his hat, walked for the last time through the empty rooms to make sure that nothing had been left behind."

-Half a sheet of foolscap, August Strindberg


Remembrance of Things Past is a walking simulator based on the novel of August Strindberg. It is an adventure of a young writer in a two-floor loft in which he spent two years with his wife Alice. Through the environment changing and interaction, the player will know what happened to him. In this game, I want to use the cinematic cult and camera language to create a feeling of things passing away.

About This Game


Title: Remembrance of Things Past

Genre: Walking Simulator

Platform: Windows, macOS

Developer: Yangying Ren, Jumo Yang


Art Design: Yangying Ren

Level Design: Jumo Yang

Programming: Yangying Ren, Jumo Yang

Advisor: Bennett Foddy